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Why should I get a Home Inspection on my new construction home?

Most people believe that because you have built a new home and have had your walkthrough with the builder that the home is problem free.

Not so fast... in some cases, contractors are working fast — too fast. Sometimes they’re building to the bare minimum of code as well. And frequently, they’re subcontracting out projects to a wide array of vendors, whose competence and diligence might range significantly.

So the main takeaway is this: buyers should definitely not assume that their new home will be flawless just because it is new construction.

The photo below documents a major issue found during a Warranty Inspection (see our price list for this service). The builder had forgotten to install the cap on the main sewer clean out. Raw sewage had been spilling into the crawl space for nearly a year because the buyer had not opted for an inspection prior to the final "Walkthrough".

We have found many issues on New Construction homes that include problems such as disconnected vent pipes, improperly slopped drain lines, and failing seals on roof penetrations.

At the very least you should have a Warranty Inspection performed so that if there are issues covered by the builder's warranty they can fix the issues and you won't be stuck with a huge repair bill.


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